Two shows of note at Ace Art

Posted October 13th, 2008

Afshin Matlabi
Terrorism, Democracy, Leisure
January 23 – February 28, 2008

His current work is a multidisciplinary project on leisure. Through painting and drawings, digital imaging, print media, animation, photography, and performances, he creates an environment where the world of leisure meets terrorism and disasters.

Emory Douglas
All Power to the People
January 23 – February 28, 2008

” The community (was) the museum for our artwork. Some people saw art for the first time when they saw my posters. Some joined the party, some got inspired to make art too.”
-Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture, Black Panther Party

All Power to the People! features Black Panther Party posters and newspaper graphics produced in the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition highlights the artistry of Emory Douglas, and documents the Panthers’ involvement with a broad array of causes, including opposition to the Viet Nam War and solidarity with the United Farm Workers movement. With documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), All Power to the People! also illustrates efforts of the United States government to destroy the Panthers as part of wide-spread efforts to stifle oppositional political movements. The social programs of the Panthers and the powerful images of armed party members had a strong impact on the public consciousness of the time, and their efforts to combat the oppression of racism and poverty still resonate today.

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