Event Calendar 2015

Posted April 13th, 2015

MayWorks 2015 is here!
Below is a listing of the events in MayWorks 2015. You can also download the program to access some of its additional content, such as There Is Power In A Union by songwriter Joe Hill.

MayWorks on CKUW
Tune in all month long as CKUW 959.9FM will be carrying news and coverage of MayWorks events!
Tune in to “People of Interest” Mondays to Wednesdays from 8 to 9am.

MayWorks MAIL ART all month long
Millennium Library
251 Donald Street
Free Admission

The MAIL ART exhibit is part of the world’s largest collection featuring the theme of work. MAIL ART is a worldwide cultural movement started in the 1960′s. The idea behind the movement is to bypass the elitist gallery/museum system of art. There are no hierarchies, no rules, all participants work is shown to the public. MAIL ART is non commercial, no entry fees, no sales and the yearly call is universal.

Tuesday, April 28
11:50 AM

On April 28th, take part in the annual Day of Mourning march from the Union Centre to the Manitoba Legislature. Sponsored by the Safe Workers of Tomorrow project, the theme for this year’s ceremony is “New, Vulnerable Workers”. Participating will be union activists and leaders, Members of the Legislature, representatives from the workplace safety community, and Manitoba Workers Compensation.
The march leaves the Union Centre (Broadway & Smith) @ 11:50 am


Friday, May 1
6:00 PM (Assemble at 5:30 PM)
City Hall 

Winnipeg Labour Council celebrates International Working Class Day with a march starting and returning to City Hall. This year’s theme is: “HOPE is COMING”. Bring your banners and demands for a better world. Duration of the march is about one hour.
Everyone is welcome to gather at the Kings Head Pub after the march. Reserved area.

Monday, May 4
7:00 PM
McNally Robinson (Atrium) 1120 Grant Ave
Free admission

A book launch and literary thrill-ride for poetry fans and everyone else by one of Winnipeg’s most experimental poets. A Reader’s Guide to the Unnameable is avant-garde Winnipeg writer Ron Romanoswski’s 6th poetry collection.
To see the poetry video by Winnipeg renowned young filmaker Dylan Baillie visit http://bit.ly/1JgD1Gf

Thursday, May 7
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Old Market Square
Free Admission

Vancouver artist Angela Fama, with her project “What Is Love”, is travelling this spring and summer across North America in a pop-up photo studio, setting up in collaboration with MayWorks and the support of the City Of Winnipeg. Fama will invite interested passersby to participate, conversationally questioning the word “love” and photographically capturing the micro-expressions shared in the process. “What Is Love” aims to reveal through this collaborative performance and comparative photography the strength and beauty of vulnerability that can be found within adults, regardless of age, race, nationality, income, sexual orientation or gender. “What Is Love” dedicates itself to unify communities across Canada and the United States through creating kinship and understanding beyond borders and perceived differences.

For more information visit: www.wabisabibutterfly.com/whatislove

Saturday, May 9
8:00 PM
Ukrainian Labour Temple
591 Pritchard Avenue

This year will be the twenty-second annual Festival of Mandolins. The program will feature the Winnipeg Mandolin Orchestra under the direction of Annis Kozub and guest artists. The orchestras selections will include light classical arrangements of folk melodies by Ukrainian and Russian composers.

Tickets: $20 ($10 for children 14 years and under; free for children 5 years and under)
For information call Brent Stearns @ (204) 488-1008

Friday, May 15
96 YEARS LATER – The Legacy of the Winnipeg General Strike
7:00 PM
Ukrainian Labour Temple
595 Pritchard Avenue
Free Admission

Danny Schur hosts a concert of selections from his musical Strike! followed by a panel discussion about the legacy of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike – at the national and provincial historic site, the Ukrainian Labour Temple – site of events during the strike.
Coffee, tea and pastries will be served during the intermission.
For further information: 204-227-1167

Sunday, May 24
2:00 – 4:00 PM
2 hrs

The 1919 Strike Bus Tour will take people through highlights of the General Strike, with a description of the social and economic conditions of the time. The tour starts on Selkirk Avenue, goes to the residential area and ends in the exchange.
Cost: $10 employed adults, no charge students/seniors/unemployed
To reserve email: comgroup@mymts.net

Sunday, June 7
2:00 – 4:00 PM
Mcnally Robinson
1120 Grant Ave
Free admission

A Book signing of Winnipeg’s General Strike Reports from the Front Lines (Michael Dupuis).

Saturday, June 20
2:00 PM
Brookside Cemetary

Steve Szczerbanowicz was one of two workers killed on Bloody Saturday June 21st, 1919. He was burried without a gravestone on the 29th of June. Through the offorts of two members of the MayWorks Board and the musical contributions of many local musicians two concerts raised the funds to cover the cost of this gravestone.

Join us for the unveiling of this memorial stone, 96 years later, to pay your respect and honour the memory of this victim of Bloody Saturday.

Welcome to MayWorks 2015

Posted April 11th, 2015

Welcome to Mayworks 2015!

MayWorks draws on both the historical and contemporary experience of art that reflects the working class and the struggle for social change. It is held in Winnipeg each year in the month of May to honour and promote the many positive contributions made by unions and working people. The first MayWorks Festival was organized as part of the celebrations to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike in 1994. Since then we have continued to hold the Festival in the month of May as part preserving and developing culture which reflects the struggles to defend and extend the social, political and economic rights of all. It is fitting that the theme for MayWorks 2015 is Celebrating Labour History. It is in recognition of the significant role the labour movement has played in the struggle for social progress. In the program you will find a feature on the labour movement which delves into a part of this history and some of the significant achievements. And, in terms of further contributing to the history of the Winnipeg General Strike, this year MayWorks will be unveiling a memorial to the other worker known to have to have been killed in the events of Bloody Saturday June 21, 1919. The unveiling on June 20th culminates a long effort to reclaim these two workers who were all but forgotten by the “official” history of the General Strike. No introduction to the Festival would be complete without recognizing the importance of the union support we receive and the artists who have responded to be part of the Festival. Whatever your interest we invite you to come and participate in the events that are part of this year’s MayWorks Festival of Labour and the Arts.

Glenn Michalchuk
President – MayWorks Festival of Labour and the Arts

MayWorks 2015 Call for Submissions

Posted January 19th, 2015

We are looking for artists of all disciplines to be part of MayWorks Festival of Labour and the Arts 2015.

The theme for MayWorks 2015 is Celebrating Labour History, the struggles and the victories and the changes made possible through the union movement. Mayworks draws on both the historical and contemporary experience of art that reflects the working class and the struggle for social change.

MayWorks was first established as a Festival of Labour and the Arts in Winnipeg in 1994. There are MayWorks Festivals in other Canadian cities in May and all celebrate the contributions of working people through various forms of artistic expressions, displays or other relevant expressions.

MayWorks is open to all who share this vision.

All artists, organizations or anyone proposing an event are asked to submit their proposal by February 6, 2015 to MayWorks at info@mayworks.org. To receive a proposal form contact MayWorks at info@mayworks.org

Mayworks 2014 comes to a close

Posted June 2nd, 2014

As MayWorks 2014 comes to a close we would like to send out a thank you to all of the performers, organizers, workers, unions, media and supporters that have helped make this another successful year.

We hope that the message of this year helps bring support and recognition to the many workers of our great city and that we go forward, continuing to cross boundaries and defy restrictions.

See you in 2015!

MayWorks This Week

Posted May 12th, 2014

The success of the Pete Seeger Tribute concert and the Festival of Mandolins rounded out last week. Coming this week is the launch of the book “Winnipeg’s General Strike: Reports from the front lines” at McNally Robinson on Thursday, May 15th. For those interested in the history of the Strike there is also the 1919 Strike Tour on Sunday, May 25th. Full information on these and other events can be found in the calendar of events or you can download the calendar.