MayWorks 2020

Posted April 29th, 2020

By now you have noticed the art work for MayWorks this season. I hope!!

This piece done as a poster is the work of a Minneapolis artist -Ricardo Levins Morales and was the inspiration for the theme for this season-“Time for Change -Organize” When May Works began a few years ago in a new direction doing specific programming based on a theme we began issuing a program book as a method of publicity each “season”. We developed a theme for the year that we would use to promote not only the performances offered but the theme/idea itself. conceived in thought and supported by the artwork. So began a relationship with the artist and I was never sure which came first-the theme or the art work that spoke to the ideal/idea.

Each season the process follows the same route and eventually ends with a phone call to the artist-a long conversation between two old friends and a new year/season is born with a new idea and a new piece of cover art. MayWorks pays a negotiated rate for the use of the piece each year which works for both the artist and for May Works. We are very proud of the special relationship that we have with this artist and look forward to more collaboration down the road.

Enjoy the performances offed this season – a new experience for us!