My Name Is Rachel Corrie – Crowd funding campaign

Posted April 5th, 2016

MayWorks needs your help!

“My Name is Rachel Corrie”
A play created from Rachel’s own journals is struggling to meet production costs in order for it’s debut performance for MayWorks.
• As edited by actor Alan Rickman and journalist Katherine Viner
• Directed by Andrea Sartison
• Performed by: Gwendolyn Collins, Heather Russell, Gislina Patterson, Liz Whitbread, Brittany Thiessen & Erin Schwartz

In the spirit of artistic expression, freedom of speech and the spirit of Rachel herself, we are asking you to donate what you can to help MayWorks’ successfully share Rachel’s life story.

This is where YOU come in! We have established a fundraising goal of $7,500.00 (CAD), which, with your generosity and commitment to festivals and works which speak to the relationship between working peoples and the arts, is tenable over the course of the next 4 weeks. Even the smallest amount can help offset many critical production costs, including: actors’ wages, set design expenses and venue rental fees.

Please take a moment to visit our campaign to find out more. MayWorks thanks you in advance for your generosity!–3#/