Welcome to MayWorks 2014

Posted April 4th, 2014

Welcome to MayWorks 2014 and the Festival of Labour and the Arts. MayWorks is dedicated to the art and lives of working people. MayWorks celebrates this through artistic expressions and events that reflect the struggles, aspirations and dreams of working people.

May begins with one of the most significant celebrations for working people, International Working Class Day on May 1 and it is a fitting beginning for MayWorks.

This year is the 95th Anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike and there are three offerings to mark this occasion. The first is the launch of a new book about the Winnipeg General Strike. This is followed on Saturday, May 24 with a graveside memorial service for Mike Sokolowski one of two strikers known to have died because of the events on “Bloody Saturday” June 21, 1919. Culminating our special acknowledgement of this anniversary is a bus tour on Sunday May 25 of the locations synonymous with the Strike.

The passing of two activists: one local, Nick Ternette and one on the international stage, Pete Seeger requires special mention. Both were social and political activists who devoted their lives to the cause of working people. Both are honoured in the Festival. MayWorks 2014 is dedicated to Nick and on May 9 there is a tribute concert to Pete Seeger.

No introduction to the Festival would be complete without recognizing the importance of the union support we receive and the artists who have responded to be part of the Festival.
Whatever your interest we invite you to come and participate in the events that are part this year’s MayWorks Festival of Labour and the Arts.

Glenn Michalchuk
President MayWorks Festival of Labour and the Arts