Film Festival: Struggles – Justice – Rights

Posted April 22nd, 2011

Carol Shields Auditorium, Millennium Library,
251 Donald Street
Suggested donation $5.00

Featured Film: Will the Real Terrorist Please
Stand Up?

A film about terrorism against Cuba, produced and
directed by US academic Saul Landau, is being
presented at the 32nd International New Latin-
American Film Festival.

Will the Real Terrorist
Please Stand Up? is one of the 515 competing in
the event and premiers at the Charles Chaplin
Movie Theater on December 11th, 2011.

The film deals with 50 years of terrorism against
the Caribbean island and presents the case
of the Five Cuban anti-terrorists who tried to
prevent subversive actions against their country
and have been unjustly locked in US jails for
12 years.

The documentary includes interviews
with renowned terrorists Luis Posada Carriles,
Orlando Bosch, José Basulto and others, who
freely walk down the streets of Miami, supported
and protected by the government of the United

A writer, journalist, documentary maker and
academic, Landau has received awards such
as the Emmy, George Polk, First Amendment,
Letelier-Moffit and Bernardo O Higgings.

Hosted by Manitoba Cuba Solidarity Committee