1919 Historical Bus Tour and Memorial Service for Mike Sokolowski

Posted April 23rd, 2011

Union Centre, 275 Broadway
Tickets $10.00

Free admission for mothers who are accompanied by children of any age.

Join our knowledgeable tour guides on achartered bus as they share details and answerquestions about the sites of interest that have a
direct connection to the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. Learn about the life of Mike Sokolowski, the Ukrainian immigrant who was killed duringthe culmination of the strike on “BloodySaturday”, June 15, 1919.

The tour begins at the Union Centre and makes its way to the Vulcan
Iron Works when it all began. You will also visit Hell’s Alley where many of the marchers were beaten on that fateful day. Before returning to
the Union Centre, you will also bear witness to a memorial graveside service for Mike Sokolowski at 2:00pm at Brookside Cemetary.

For tickets contact: the Worker’s Organizing Resource Centre,
Mezzanine – 280 Smith Street, 947-2220; Mondragon Bookstore
and Coffeehouse, 91 Albert Street; The Park Theatre Cafe, 698
Osborne Street; Organic Planet, 877 Westminster Ave.