International Workers Day Press Release

Posted April 28th, 2010

May Day March kicks off at City Hall for International Workers Day
Womens rights and opportunities focus of May Day theme-
“Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities, Progress for all.”

(WINNIPEG) April 26, -International Workers Day is celebrated around the world on May 1st including Winnipeg. Join us at City Hall this Saturday, May 1st at 12:30pm for the opening ceremonies of this year’s May Day March and its theme of “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities, Progress for all.”

This year’s march will also highlight the struggle for Women’s Rights and Opportunities and will include speakers:

Kevin Rebeck, President Manitoba Federation of Labour,
Denis Lemelin, National President Canadian Union of Postal Workers,
Cathy Woods, Chair Aboriginal Workers Council, Manitoba Federation of Labour,
Marianne Cerelli, Community Activist and RRC Instructor and the
FemRev Collective (young feminist group)

“May Day is an important historic day for all workers to remember and celebrate the struggle of workers for respect, justice and equality”, says Denis Lemelin, National President Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

“The notion that women could work alongside men in the paid workforce as equals has become a reality in our time. Equal access to training and education, to child care, safe workplace standards, equal pay for work of equal value, paid holidays, paid maternity leave and the right to not be fired when pregnant come to mind are economic rights that are still not secure for everyone. We have come a long way but are still working towards these securities for everyone. Until that security is real for everyone we work for bread and roses too”, says Marianne Cerilli, Community Activist and Former MLA.

From there we will take it to the streets celebrating this year’s May Day theme of “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities, Progress for All. It is Time!” The route ends up at Old Market Square where the Buffalo Gals Drum Group, Hugo Torres-Cereceda and others will be there to celebrate working people everywhere!

The celebration of May Day is followed by another celebration; The Mayworks Festival of Labour and the Arts which is a multi-disciplinary festival that focuses on working class themes.

For more information please contact:

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